Disorderly Conduct Offenses in Georgia
Disorderly conduct is an offense that involves a person acting in such a manner as to constitute a “breach of the peace”. Some examples of acts which may be classified as disorderly conduct include:

•Acts of a nature so as to corrupt public morals
•Acts that outrage the sense of public decency
•Acts that affect the peace and quiet of those who witness them
•Brawling or fighting
At times it may be difficult to distinguish acts which may simply be exercising your freedom of speech and those which may constitute disorderly conduct. Asking a police officer a question or speaking your mind may turn into a circumstance where you are facing criminal charges simply because an officer wants to demonstrate his or her authority over you and the situation. Attorney Scott Miller is very familiar with handling criminal charges involving disorderly conduct. He can help determine if these charges were filed in violation of your First Amendment right to free speech. If that is the case, we can use this in your favor to possibly have your charges dropped or to secure an acquittal on your behalf.

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