Attorney Scott Miller got my daughter’s marijuana possession dismissed. 

My daughter is 21 years old, and she is a graduate student at the University of Georgia.

She was stopped for running a red light in Alpharetta and the officer found marijuana in her car.

My daughter was arrested and charged with DUI and marijuana possession.

After seeing attorney Miller’s website on the Internet, I gave him a call. 

My daughter and I met with Attorney Miller, and after talking with him for a few minutes, I hired him to defend my her. 

What I liked most about Attorney Miller at first was the pleasant and understanding way he spoke with my daughter and I.   He told us that all good people make mistakes, and the mistakes do not have to follow them the rest of their lives. 

I was pleased to hear that for many years he has represented many clients just like my daughter and almost always the results were reduction or dismissal of the charge.

In court Attorney Miller did exactly that.  
He got the DUI charge reduced and he got marijuana charge dismissed. 

I can’t say enough about this man and the way he worked for us. 

I recommend him without hesitation to anyone.

Tonya: A happy mother in Alpharetta.

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