Shoplifting may be the most common type of theft in Georgia. It typically increases in the summer and during the holiday season. Retailers are aware of this fact and increase their security during these times. Teenagers who are not in school visit shopping malls with regularity. They are tempted by the array of merchandise that is displayed artfully to attract their attention. Often times the urge to pocket this merchandise is too strong for a young person.
The consequences of shoplifting  can alter a young persons life permanently.
Shoplifting is prosecuted as a criminal misdemeanor if the amount of merchandise that was taken is below $300. Shoplifting is prosecuted as a felony if the amount of merchandise that was taken is above $300.
A skilled and experienced shoplifting defense attorney will work too convince the prosecutor and the court, that the defendant can lead a full, productive, lawful life, and that the best interest of everyone will be served with the minimal consequences to the defendant.

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