I am frequently contacted by a prospective client, or the clients parents asking for help with a shoplifting matter.

Many times a teenager is pressured by their friends to participate in shoplifting.
Young people often take merchandise for the thrill of getting something for nothing.

Shoplifting charges can be separated by the value of merchandise taken.
If the amount of merchandise removed from a retail establishment is below $300, this offense is usually charge as misdemeanor shoplifting.

If the amount of merchandise taken is above $300 the charge
will likely be felony shoplifting.

In either of the above examples, it is important to open a dialogue with the merchant as well as the court and the prosecutor as soon as possible.  Often the merchant can be convinced that the best result for everyone could be payment for the merchandise by the defendent and some type of community service.

If the issue cannot be resolved with the merchant and the court becomes involved, it may be possible to get the prosecutor and the court to agree to a course of action that can be beneficial to all parties. 

If you have questions about the above or if you have been charged with shoplifting, contact the shoplifting defense attorney Scott Miller, in Alpharetta, Georgia for a free consultation. 770-408-1001

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