The criminal charge of shoplifting can be summarized as, removing or attempting to remove merchandise from a place of business, without paying the proper price for it.
In the state of Georgia shoplifting is classified as either misdemeanor shoplifting or felony shoplifting.

Misdemeanor shoplifting is removing or attempting to remove merchandise which values less than $300.
Felony shoplifting is removing or attempting to remove merchandise that exceeds $300 in value.

The criminal penalties for shoplifting, if convicted by the court, consist of monetary fines and possible imprisonment in jail.

Additional civil penalties include being sued in civil court by the merchant for the value of  merchandise. If the amount of the merchandise is below $4999 the merchant may recover $150 or two times the dollar amount of the loss.
The defendant in a first time shoplifting offense may be able to qualify for a non-criminal charge by the court, if the defendant satisfies certain restitution to the merchant and certain community services set by the court. This is made possible through negotiations with the prosecutor and the court.

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