Were you caught shoplifting at Perimeter Mall, in Dunwoody, GA. for the second time.

Did you succumb to an urge to shoplift that was so powerful, you could not resist it?  If this urge to shoplift was caused by peer pressure or your own inability to resist it, you can control this urge with proper shoplifting prevention training.

Being convicted of shoplifting as a second offense in Georgia, can result in more significant penalties, which include greater monetary fines, and mandatory imprisonment time.

If you have been accused of shoplifting as a first, second, or third offense, seek the help of an experienced shoplifting criminal defense attorney, who has substantial experience in negotiating with prosecutors, and the courts about shoplifting charges, and who possesses a proven record of getting charges reduced, or dismissed.

If you have questions about shoplifting prevention training, or issues with shoplifting charges, contact the experienced shoplifting criminal defense attorney, Scott Miller in Alpharetta, Georgia, for a free consultation. 770-408-1001

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