Fighting client's charge of shoplifting at Perimeter Mall
I appeared with my client and her family in Dunwoody City Court.

My client had been charged with shoplifting at Perimeter Mall.
She is a young teen and easily influenced by her peers.
Her group was visiting the mall during recent Christmas vacation.  Someone in the group suggested that it would be cool to walk out of the store, with Items hidden in their clothes.
My client, who knew this was wrong thing to do, gave in to the encouragement of the others.
She was stopped by security when she exited the store.

Now I have, an embarrassed family, and an embarrassed client, to represent in the Dunwoody City Court, for a criminal misdemeanor charge. 

I contacted the merchant and got them to agree not to peruse charges against my client. I got them to agree to do this, because she is a good person who made a bad decision, while trying to get accepted in this group. She now realizes what an terrible mistake it was. 

I got the court to agree to dismiss the charges, after my client writes an essay on damages done, to all parties by shoplifting, and performing community service, and attending a anti-shoplifting class.

This is another happy family, helped by the Alpharetta, Georgia shoplifting defense attorney Scott Miller.

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