Fighting client's drug charge in Milton, GA.
On March 6, 2017, I appeared in Milton City Court to fight my client's a marijuana possession charge.
Prior to this appearance in court, I had negotiated successfully with the prosecutor for a diversion/dismissal of this case.
The diversion/dismissal could be accomplished by my client completing certain steps that were ordered by the court.
If the steps are accomplished, then the court agreed not to prosecute.
One of the steps for my client was to pass a random drug screen when appearing in court.
Unfortunately, my client failed the drug screen and the test showed marijuana use.

Fortunately, after considerable conversation and negotiation, I got the prosecutor to agree to allow my client sufficient time to pass the next drug screen.
The Judge agreed to the reset and no additional penalties were given to my client.

This could have been a disastrous day for my client because of not passing the drug screen. However, it turned out OK for him without additional penalty.

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