My daughter is accused of shoplifting in Alpharetta, GA.
Some children, and often girls more so than boys, are encouraged  by their peers to participate in shoplifting.
They will frequently say, "I knew it was wrong," but somehow he or she got caught up in the excitement of the moment.

Young children need to understand that shoplifting is wrong!  Shoplifting is stealing, plain and simple. Shoplifting causes harm to the merchant, to the shoplifter, and the shoplifter's family. Because, eventually he or she will be caught, and there will be consequences!

I advise all parents to have a conversation about shoplifting with there children. This conversation, may prevent a big surprise and the difficulties that come after.

If you or one of your family has been accused of shoplifting, contact the Alpharetta, Georgia shoplifting defense attorney Scott Miller for a free consultation.
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