When a person has developed the right mind set, they will not steal and they will not become shoplifters. When the person's only reason for not stealing and shoplifting is the thought that they may get caught, they may not steel this time but when the circumstances are right they will probably steel then.
  Shoplifters can be divided into several categories. There are shoplifters who steal because they truly need things. Many shoplifters steal and resell the merchandise on the street to obtain cash to, support themselves or their drug habits.
The majority of shoplifters are young people who steal because they want to be included in a group, and they feel that it is necessary to impress the members of the group by shoplifting. These tend to be random acts and are more difficult to predict.

When young people are involved in shoplifting because of peer pressure, it is important that they understand why shoplifting is wrong.
If we tell our children that shoplifting is wrong because if they get caught they will go to jail, this may send the wrong message. They may hear that shoplifting is okay as long as you don't get caught.

It is best to counsel our children that stealing is immoral because they are injuring another party. How would they feel if someone stole from them and caused them harm.?
The illegal act of stealing and it's punishment also needs to be discussed in full. Also to be include into discussions, is the ramifications of a past shoplifting conviction going forward, as they grow older and more mature.

If you haven't had this discussion with your children, by all means you should!

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