Shoplifting in Alpharetta is greater during holiday times,
Alpharetta, GA. is home to many shopping malls and shopping centers. During the holiday season shoplifting is a big problem for the local merchants.

In general, 2 types of shoplifting occur. The first type is usually done by criminal adults, Who take the merchandise to resell for cash, to buy alcohol and drugs.

The second type is usually young teenagers, the majority of which are females.
Usually these teenagers are responding to peer pressure, and they take the merchandise because it is considered cool to be part of the group.

Don't let your young teenagers get caught up in this behavior.
Have a talk with them as soon as they are old enough to visit the mall unaccompanied by adults.

Remind them that shoplifting is stealing, and it is wrong behavior. The merchant is injured because of the loss of merchandise, and they are forced to pass the cost of the lost merchandise and the expense of security cameras and security personnel on to customers, in the form of higher pricing.

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